Honouring Their Love: She Outlived Them All

Hanako Ishii (May 13, 1911 – July 1, 2000)

Circa 1933

In the summer of 1936, a Japanese woman, Hanako Ishii, a waitress at a bar frequented by Sorge, moved into Sorge’s house to become his common-law wife. Of all of Sorge’s various relationships with women, his most durable and lasting one was with Ishii, who tried to curb Sorge’s heavy drinking and his habit of recklessly riding his motorcycle around the Japanese countryside in a way that everyone viewed as almost suicidal. An American reporter who knew Sorge later wrote that he “created the impression of being a playboy, almost a wastrel, the very antithesis of a keen and dangerous spy”.


Richard Sorge did a deal with the Japanese interrogators: if they promised to let Ms. Ishii and all the wives of the men in his spy ring alone, he would give them everything they wanted intelligence-wise. They were true to their word.

After his death and hasty burial, she petitioned the American occupation authorities for Sorge’s body, which she finally found on November 16, 1949, and then had his skeleton cremated. His ashes were then buried here:

Only later (after 1964) did the Soviet authorities claim him as their own and had this head stone erected. (Ms. Ishii is now buried beside him.)

Birth Chart of a Woman who Loved her Man even after Death

I will not delineate the aspects, out of respect for her privacy. But she has some quotes on the internet, the one I wish to close her post with, says it all astrologically:

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  1. davidllowe says:

    This is a fascinating love story Christopher. Thank you for researching and sharing it. Kind regards David

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