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Climate Change is NOT New, Folks

Icelandic Volcano Erupts (February 1, 536 AD) This one came up as a suggested video on YouTube. There is enough vagueness in the event description to allow me some latitude in terms of date and timing. “Early 536 AD” let … Continue reading

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Yesterday in History III

The Challenger Disaster (January 28, 1986) It’s an image that is forever seared into the memories of most people in North America. Up until this time, since the early Mercury and Gemini space missions in the 60’s, the rockets blasted … Continue reading

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Today in 1975, a Great Lakes Freighter Sank in Lake Superior

Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald The disaster is one of the best-known in the history of Great Lakes shipping. Gordon Lightfoot made it the subject of his 1976 hit song “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald“ after reading an article, “The … Continue reading

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It Only Takes a Spark to Light a Fire

The Camp Fire (November 2018) On the PBS program┬áNOVA last night, the so-called “Camp Fire” was reviewed from first spark to final results, a time space of 17 days. Even though this was exactly six months ago, it still made … Continue reading

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Fukushima: Eight Years On

Nuclear Waste There’s a lot of talk these days about climate change and sea pollution, but we tend to forget that a lot of our present problems may have been triggered by this event, eight years ago. Nuclear power was … Continue reading

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Blackout 2003: Pluto Strikes Again

Toronto in the Dark This is a sight that one never expects to see. A whole region of country blacked out. This one started in Akron, Ohio and quickly spread to other parts of the USA and Canada. I was … Continue reading

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