Blackout 2003: Pluto Strikes Again


Toronto in the Dark

This is a sight that one never expects to see. A whole region of country blacked out. This one started in Akron, Ohio and quickly spread to other parts of the USA and Canada.

I was living in England at the time, but it was highlighted in the BBC newscasts the next day. It was a massive power failure that left 50 million people without electricity.



This is a schematic of the events of that day. Much more powerful is this video…



The Chart

I couldn’t resist looking at this one. A car advertisement has been playing on the TV lately which is referencing the day as an anniversary of a couple’s wedding.


We try to pretend that there is no connection between what happens in the solar system to what happens on earth. And yet, like Chernobyl, Pluto plays a significant role in a technological disaster.

Are we missing the point, here?




As above, so below.


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