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How to Solve an Enigma

Alan Turing: The Enigma There are two versions of this same cover: the one shown above and the one where Benedict Cumberbatch turns and faces the camera, revealing his character. (Side note: Benedict Cumberbatch is a relative of Alan Turing.) … Continue reading

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Operation Jubilee: Raid on Dieppe

A Canadian Disaster/An Allied Success During World War II there was a ‘secret war’ going on, too. This particular battle was intended to test German defences in anticipation of Operation Overload (what we call D-Day). In reality, those in control … Continue reading

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A Man Called Intrepid I read this book years and years ago. I bought it recently, again, in order to share it with one of our grandchildren. The story sounds fantastic, and some of the details may have been fabricated … Continue reading

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(XXX) 555-1212

Directory Assistance While watching the return of Elementary last night I was reminded of the way we used to make directory enquiries. The specific sequence in the show involved a list of telephone numbers that a mobile had received before … Continue reading

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Ready Player One: Easter Egg Hunt

They’re all in his mind We finally went to see this movie (and yes, it is a movie) last night. I can now see why ‘purists’ (those who read the book first) would not particularly like the way the story … Continue reading

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DNA: Family History

Meeting our Grandparents My sister Anne has decided to have her DNA tested through Ancestry. Because she and I only share our mother, her results will only be useful to her family tree research. So, will I ‘bite the bullet’ … Continue reading

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Facebook: Society’s Mirror?

Or a Necessary Evil? Today is April Fool’s Day (and Easter Sunday) 2018. But this is no joke. Facebook has come in for a lot of criticism lately. Most of it seems justified, but is it really wrong to give … Continue reading

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