Online Research: Active or Passive?


Ask and it shall be given to you…

There seems to be some kind of synchronicity going on. Yesterday, my cousin, Doug, and his wife, Margot, came for a visit. As is our usual way, Doug and I talked, while Susan and Margot shopped. Most of the time, our conversation dealt with the Ancient Aliens TV show on the History Channel.

Doug is new to this stuff. So I got a chance to make connections with respect to the subject matter that appears on my daily posts.

Seek and you shall find…

One of the topics we touched on was the fact that there are zodiac figures featured in the landscape around Glastonbury in the UK. So, I did a little research (as is my way) after Doug and Margot went home.

Yesterday’s post is the result of that research. However, there was an extra element to the image of the Glastonbury Zodiac: it was an overlay of a six-pointed star, formed by the planets in an unspecified horoscope. I did a little digging, using The American Ephemeris of the 21st Century by Michelsen, and pinpointed the timing of the chart to just a short while past midnight on July 30, 2013. Wasn’t I pleased with myself.

Knock and it shall be opened for you.

It turns out that the image was connected to another post I had about the Merkaba (which we also discussed, yesterday). An image I had used on that post was similar to the one I used yesterday, and it’s date was shown as July 29, 2013. The positions were identical, except that it seemed to be timed for a few hours earlier: the planets were opposite my chart.

Does someone know exactly what I’m looking for, even when I forget about the links myself? I like to think so.


The trick with this search for knowledge is that you have to go partway there before the Universe provides the answers. In other words, you need to be actively seeking, and then you need to passively receive. It’s a two-way system.

Thank you, Holy Spirit, for helping me in this work.

Earth Heal chart

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