Last Queen of the Nile


Cleopatra VII (November 2, 70 BCE – August 10, 30 BCE)

For some reason, this woman is the most popular person in history to have people claim as a previous life. It makes me wonder if her spirit was so much larger than life that it splintered into a million pieces after her death. Something has to be the reason: maybe it’s the tragic romance with Mark Antony.



My computer program had her chart already in its listings. The entry showed a birth date of November 2nd and the time of 9:50 am, but the year was listed as 0 A.D. Since we know from history that Cleopatra was 39 years old when she died, (and most history notes show her birth year as sometime between late 70 and early 69 BCE) I have changed the file to read 70 BCE.

That year makes her ascension to the Egyptian throne show up as ‘somewhere’ between her 15th and 20th years, as evidenced by the Uranus/Pluto conjunction in Gemini. The birth time may be a little later than it should be (and would be, if I rectified the chart).

However, for our purposes, this chart will be sufficient to our needs.

The Moon is in Sagittarius in the 1st House. This gives Cleopatra an independent personality. Because it may be conjunct the Ascendant, the effect could be double.

And Mars on the 9th House cusp may speak of her end, even as she was just beginning.

But, I’m more interested in her death.



The train of planets that starts with Pluto and ends with Neptune shows the odds she was facing after Octavian defeated Mark Antony in battle. There seemed to be no way to escape, except by suicide. When we combine the birth and death charts, you will see what I mean.


Now, Saturn shows up on the Descendant line and Pluto is on her natal 8th House cusp. A deadly combination for her, at least in her state of mind after Antony killed himself.

She wanted no one to be in control of her destiny, so she quietly killed herself, rather than become Octavian’s prize catch.


Does any of this matter? Perhaps not. But we human beings are fascinated by love stories, especially ones that end in heartbreak and death.

Maybe the lesson for us all is that when ‘push comes to shove’, some people live and die on their own terms.

Cleopatra did…

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