A Pair of Star-Crossed Lovers from the Past

Mark Antony and Cleopatra

Cleopatra’s correct birth/death detail is 70-30 BC

This is a departure from my usual karmic astrological posts. This time I am examining the effect of the other’s death had on each individual. Normally, I would combine birth charts, and that tells us how the couple related to each other while still alive. Now I’m looking at their karma.

Mark Antony’s Birth/Cleopatra’s Death

Mark Antony decided to kill himself when he heard that Cleopatra had died. Of course, he was mistaken, but after his demise, she had to wait for 10 days before she could join him in death.

First things first: Mars has many roles to play in a person’s life. It’s primary purpose in a man is to motivate him to a masculine career, such as a soldier. However, Mars in Pisces in the 2nd House (of value) makes Mark Antony an early ‘spiritual’ warrior. Some would probably have said a ‘soldier of fortune’ but the Pisces element makes him try to cut through his emotional nature with a sword. (Do you see where I’m going with this analogy?)

Cleopatra’s successful suicide has (for our purposes) an Ascendant @ 9° Pisces, in exactly the same place as Antony’s Mars. (And just so you don’t think I’m barking mad, consider the fact that in reality, there is no time. His sword was turned on himself, motivated by her death.)

Their combined birth/death chart has an interesting Yod pointing at that very position in Pisces: his natal position of Jupiter is inconjunct her ‘fatal’ Ascendant, while her ‘fatal’ Venus is inconjunct his natal Mars. Truly, he didn’t want to live without her love.

Mars in Pisces

You are quite sensitive, and if you aren’t feeling cheerful, you don’t have much energy. People with Mars in Pisces often require more sleep at night than others do.

The chief problem with this position is that it is difficult for you to be very self-assertive. You may let people take advantage of you because you are unsure that you are right or justified in going ahead with your own plans. You may shrink from people who are overbearing and domineering, which may make you either ignore their actions or try to get around them secretly. This last tendency should be watched very carefully. If you try to get away with acting behind other people’s backs, you will gradually undermine their confidence in you. They will not know whether you are actually doing what you appear to be doing.

But there is a better side to this placement of Mars, which will be seen as you get older and more sure of yourself. You will be able to act more unselfishly and do things for others with less consideration for yourself. You don’t have a great need to be the best, or on top or terribly successful, so you are able to work for others without your own ambitions getting in the way. This is not to say that you cannot be successful; you have as much potential for success as anyone. In addition, the people you have helped may be so grateful that they will help you in t\return, as long as you don’t imply, either by words or actions, that you expect it. That is very important.

Cleopatra’s Birth/Mark Antony’s Death

I randomized the death time for Antony, and it has an Ascendant of 18° Sagittarius 50′ (now where have we seen that before?) with Saturn at the opposite side @ 18° Gemini 56′. Talk about facing your maker at death, eh? Because this same axis is in line with Cleopatra’s Neptune (also 18° Gemini), I think it would be fair to say that the myth of Cleopatra was born when Antony died. Like the previous combined chart, there is one significant Yod, but this time it is Cleopatra’s natal Moon and Mercury pointing at Antony’s ‘fatal’ Saturn. When he died, her dream of ruling the world with him died, too.

Neptune in Gemini

This placement…has the effect of introducing spiritual and idealistic themes into literature, art and philosophic writing and thought. The children born under this influence are unusually idealistic in their routine everyday thinking and might be more inclined to study mystical, abstract and impractical subjects than studies that can be put into use in the everyday world. Because of this idealism, they are very open to the kind of disillusionment that followed [any major conflict, like] World War One, which most of this generation either fought in or felt the effects of.

Now, that is why I am referring to them as a pair of ‘star-crossed’ lovers.


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