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Lest We Forget: a Member of the Poppy Family

Susan Jacks (August 19, 1948 – April 25, 2022) They say old stars never die, they just fade away. Well, unfortunately, they do die, and they remind us all that we’re getting closer to the final curtain, ourselves. Susan Jacks … Continue reading

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Aphasia: Moonlighting with One’s Mind

Bruce Willis (March 19, 1955) My daughter, Rosanna, thought that this would be an interesting subject to write about. I wasn’t so sure. Yesterday, Bruce Willis’ extended family issued a joint statement that essentially ended his acting career. He recently … Continue reading

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Health Update: I’ve Started Taking Insulin at Mealtime

Admelog (March 24, 2022) It had to happen sooner or later, since up until now I only had a slow acting insulin (Levemir) taken just before bedtime. But why now? As chance would have it, I watched a YouTube video … Continue reading

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When One’s Faith is Tested

I Still Believe (2020) I’m beginning to think that I need to get out more: here is a Christian Country Music star whose story is heartbreaking and inspiring at the same time. In fact, I’d never heard of him, until … Continue reading

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Government: By the People for the People?

Aristocracy vs Liberty Phineas Quimby was a very opinionated man. And having witnessed first-hand the American Civil War meant that he based his thinking on what he saw going on around him. Politically, he equated priests and doctors to the … Continue reading

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Now I Know How We are Connected!

Matthew Manning (August 17, 1955) I came across a Facebook post by Matthew Manning (UK Healer) this morning that stopped me in my tracks. In it he described how he was still buzzing after a mass distant healing. A-ha! Now, … Continue reading

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How Disease Kills Us

According to Phineas Parkhurst Quimby Let us go back to 1860, a time when one man decided to revolutionize the way we deal with disease and death. His knowledge was based on his overcoming consumption (what we now call tuberculosis). … Continue reading

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Here’s a “New Thought”: Who ‘Influenced’ Mary Baker Eddy?

Phineas Parkhurst Quimby (February 16, 1802 – January 16, 1866) Okay. Here we go again. I’m beginning to think that this line of thought will never end, but that is the nature of life, isn’t it? Phineas Quimby used mesmerism … Continue reading

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The Night Gordon Lightfoot Almost Died

He had an Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (September 7, 2002) In terms of mortality statistics, only 5% of the people who have one of these events survive them. In terms of his life path, this may have been one of Gordon … Continue reading

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Anecdotal Evidence: Does the Moon Affect My Blood Sugars?

Or is This Because of the mRNA Vaccine? Since becoming fully vaccinated with Pfizer, I have noticed an interesting trend in my blood sugar numbers. In fact, I wrote about it before after the first dose, but I thought that … Continue reading

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