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Jenny Merton: “Who’s Sorry Now?”

Heartbeat: Season 14, Episode 11 (November 21, 2004) I’ve been a fan of this UK program from the very beginning, but lost the thread of the stories over the later years, due to family upheavals and my final return to … Continue reading

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Can Madness Link Two Lives?

Elizabeth Thorpe (May 17, 1963) This is awkward, to say the least: my sister, Elizabeth is schizophrenic. She has been this way since her late teens, blaming our mother for hypnotizing her and thereby allowing the Devil to enter her … Continue reading

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I Told You that We were Programmed, too

Lies My Mother Told Me This looks like I’m going for the humour of the situation, but, instead, I’m trying to demonstrate how simple it was for you to buy into a long tradition of your ‘mother’s wise words’. Take … Continue reading

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This Post is for Serious Astrologers Only

Can an Accident (Even a Minor One) Change a Life Forever? My wife, Susan, is a beautiful person, but she suffers from chronic pain due to an accident that she suffered more than 30 years ago. Last night she chronicled … Continue reading

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What is the Common Denominator with These Three People?

Healing Hands More unusual thoughts occurred to me overnight: because of my reading of Phineas P. Quimby’s collected writings, I have come to the conclusion that he thought he was connected to Jesus, through the Christ energy. Yesterday, I postulated … Continue reading

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Now I Know How We are Connected!

Matthew Manning (August 17, 1955) I came across a Facebook post by Matthew Manning (UK Healer) this morning that stopped me in my tracks. In it he described how he was still buzzing after a mass distant healing. A-ha! Now, … Continue reading

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How Disease Kills Us

According to Phineas Parkhurst Quimby Let us go back to 1860, a time when one man decided to revolutionize the way we deal with disease and death. His knowledge was based on his overcoming consumption (what we now call tuberculosis). … Continue reading

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On Further Reflection…

Mike’s ‘reading’ of me, which I wrote about yesterday, could have been about himself. In fact, some parts of the first section were almost word-for-word what his astrology analysis stated. But that shouldn’t surprise me because we cannot perceive in … Continue reading

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Is It Time to Rewire the Brain?

Neuroplasticity Watching the CBC’s “Nature of Things” last night, I was amazed at the healing improvements for most of the people featured in the program. But it’s not a new idea, I’ve even hinted at it before, here. The two … Continue reading

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An Astrological Prescription to Help Heal Yourself

Retrograde Planets at Birth Honestly, having lived with these natal retrogrades my whole life, I had no inclination to even investigate what the Universe was trying to show me, since my first birth chart creation in 1977. Not including my … Continue reading

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