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Now I Know How We are Connected!

Matthew Manning (August 17, 1955) I came across a Facebook post by Matthew Manning (UK Healer) this morning that stopped me in my tracks. In it he described how he was still buzzing after a mass distant healing. A-ha! Now, … Continue reading

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How Disease Kills Us

According to Phineas Parkhurst Quimby Let us go back to 1860, a time when one man decided to revolutionize the way we deal with disease and death. His knowledge was based on his overcoming consumption (what we now call tuberculosis). … Continue reading

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On Further Reflection…

Mike’s ‘reading’ of me, which I wrote about yesterday, could have been about himself. In fact, some parts of the first section were almost word-for-word what his astrology analysis stated. But that shouldn’t surprise me because we cannot perceive in … Continue reading

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Is It Time to Rewire the Brain?

Neuroplasticity Watching the CBC’s “Nature of Things” last night, I was amazed at the healing improvements for most of the people featured in the program. But it’s not a new idea, I’ve even hinted at it before, here. The two … Continue reading

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An Astrological Prescription to Help Heal Yourself

Retrograde Planets at Birth Honestly, having lived with these natal retrogrades my whole life, I had no inclination to even investigate what the Universe was trying to show me, since my first birth chart creation in 1977. Not including my … Continue reading

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Question: Does One’s Blood Type Give Any Added Protection?

Type “O” It’s been hinted at from various sources, including this report from last October. But the question is, “Why?” Virus of Fear Corona Virus has been engineered by your people, with the push from the Reptilian hidden alliances. The … Continue reading

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To OCD or Not OCD, That is the Question

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder I’m willing to bet that a lot of people think they suffer from this condition. The signs are obvious to others, but usually undetected by the person caught in the ‘circle from hell’. The whole world has … Continue reading

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Getting It Done!

COVID-19 Vaccination (Pfizer) As I reported in an update, we got our vaccination two weeks early! Here is the chart for the event: In astrological terms, this is a more satisfying result that the original appointment date.(Especially nice is the … Continue reading

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One More Step in a Pilgrim’s Progress

I’m Scheduled to Get My COVID-19 Vaccination Next Month It took about an hour of on-line and telephone frustration. I was on hold on two different phones at the same time as my on-line application stalled at the booking date(s). … Continue reading

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It’s Only Been a Year…

Coronavirus Vaccine Supply and Demand Remember when this whole thing started? (Who can forget, obviously?) The idea of a vaccine to fight this ‘invisible’ killer was projected into 2021. The universal shutdown of society worldwide was only just beginning. Even … Continue reading

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