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How Anything Happens, Against All Odds

The Tipping Point (2013 Edition) My son got this book for me, for my 72nd birthday. Thanks, Derek. After reading most of my other books from my birthday, I am starting to settle on this one. The title alone has … Continue reading

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David Icke Just Called Us “Fascist Canada”

He Obviously Doesn’t Know His Left from His Right This graphic is almost a repeat of the results from the 2019 federal election. In Canada, the left of centre is represented by the colour red, the right of centre by … Continue reading

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QR Passports: Canada’s Two Classes of Citizenship

The New Caste System: the Vaccinated and the Unvaccinated Talk about ‘untouchables’. Rick Mercer’s rant about COVID-19 brought a thought to my mind, which then got repeated by a protestor on the CTV News last night: by getting the government … Continue reading

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The Wellspring: The Power of Thought

(Flashback to) November 1, 1991 The time has come, the time is now, for a releasing of the ‘universal forces of galactic dimension’. You have been part of the process whose work has been to unite the forces of the … Continue reading

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