QR Passports: Canada’s Two Classes of Citizenship

The New Caste System: the Vaccinated and the Unvaccinated

Talk about ‘untouchables’. Rick Mercer’s rant about COVID-19 brought a thought to my mind, which then got repeated by a protestor on the CTV News last night: by getting the government to abolish pandemic mandates, the protestors want to be treated as first class citizens again. (One even suggested that they are being denied a seat in McDonald’s because they don’t have ‘proof’ of vaccination.) Oops.

The federal and provincial governments decided to bring in QR passports to ‘protect’ the healthy citizens from the great unwashed. Sounds just like India, does it not? It was intended as a dangling carrot to entice reluctant individuals into getting the vaccine shot(s). Instead, it created a two-tier health problem: pinning the protection of 80% of the population on just getting a jab (and wearing a mask in public), and the damnation of the other 20% to long COVID symptoms and/or death in hospitals and nursing homes.

None of this situation is the fault of ANY of Canada’s citizens. Let’s face facts: it has been an unmitigated disaster perpetrated on Canadians by health officials and governments alike. It’s time to stop, children…

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2 Responses to QR Passports: Canada’s Two Classes of Citizenship

  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    Baby Boomers have come back into fashion with protests.


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