The Wellspring: The Power of Thought

(Flashback to) November 1, 1991

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The time has come, the time is now, for a releasing of the ‘universal forces of galactic dimension’.

You have been part of the process whose work has been to unite the forces of the incoming flow. We would wish that you would understand the importance of the period of time in which you are living. Little has been said to date of the work that is required of the servers in the family of Man, who are asked to assist the incoming flow of the energies of the Galaxy.

You little realise how much you have already done for the transition into the incoming Age, and yet the service that many of you have done has been of inestimable proportions.

As you go forward from this time, there will be a rapid unblocking of the restriction you have experienced, and the way will be found for you to demonstrate the powers at your disposal. You are still locked into a restrictive attitude of mind that has prevented you from showing your divine abilities, because you have been unable to accept your divine potential.

You are Beings of enormous power,

but your minds have restricted you in the use and possibilities of that power, which has always been at your disposal. As creative beings, each one of you can manifest whatever it is that you wish to see happen, but your mind has prevented you from displaying this power.

We have been doing our best to enable you to clear these barriers, these blockages, from your mental and physical dimensions, and we would wish to assist you in reclaiming all that has always been available to you. This can only be done if you will accept who you are: divine, creative, all-embracing; connected to the creative impulse of the Universe. But a mere thought, but a mere action, has the potential of dynamic proportions, and that inner knowledge creates a fear in the human mind of its potential.

Take courage, unloose those bonds, and accept that whatever you think

will be a reality in material manifestation. If you believe in ruin, it will all be there for you. If you believe in empires, that is there for you, also. Each day your thoughts grow stronger, each day your power is reclaimed. You re-enter your heritage: you are Divine; you are Gods. The time is upon you to drive forward. You are ready to accept this. The shutters are drawing back, awareness is flowing in; the light is bright and you are of All-Being.

With this knowledge, and with this ability, all the perceived problems of the Universe can be solved at one sleight-of-hand. Are you really so afraid to claim this power? Are you really so afraid to be who you are?

Can you not see that the world is no more than a chess board, black on white, white of black, moving pieces about, jumping, moving, sliding, playing games?

You can see it, you do see it, and yet have such resistance to recognise what is going on.

The power of the Universe has always been there at your command,

the power of true creativity has always been there for you, and yet you have locked yourself into the dross of Matter, noses down to the ground, pushing one speck of dusk before another. You are so much greater, so much mightier than this. Why do you lock yourselves into minutia, when you have the power of the Universe at your hands? Why do you limit yourselves, so afraid to accept your power?

Put down the shutters, put down the resistance, see the light. You have the power to move stars and universes. You do not need to have your noses to the ground. Why do you limit yourselves so much?

Join us again. Be part of the Confederation. Look to a Higher Cause. Look out to the Galaxy. We have waited for so long for your company, to be part, to be in union with you, our brothers. Oh, leave the games of humanity behind, look for something higher. Release yourselves from these restrictions, take off the yoke of Matter, because it does not matter, and join us again, once more where you belong.

(Page 36-38)

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