David Icke Just Called Us “Fascist Canada”

He Obviously Doesn’t Know His Left from His Right

Latest federal election results

This graphic is almost a repeat of the results from the 2019 federal election. In Canada, the left of centre is represented by the colour red, the right of centre by blue. The rest are afterthoughts. In the normal spectrum of political persuasion, Left tends towards Communism, Right towards Fascism.

Is that understood, Mr. Icke?

No doubt he is referring to the fact that Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Government have enacted the Emergencies Act. I can only wonder how much worse it would be if it had been a Conservative Government. (And never mind that there are children in the mix.) Each truck and its occupants have been served with a notice of intention to dismantle the blockade by the police. If they choose to remain, they have only themselves to blame. One protester said, “How dare they!” Well, exactly, my friend.

Freedom Comes With a Price Tag

Everyone has the right to protest against something they disagree with. But to take over the capital of Canada to make your point is a step too far. It’s been three weeks. When is it enough? The provinces are reducing their mandates. The federal government is changing the rules for arrivals to Canada. What’s left? Masks! This is when the politics of our neighbours to the South begin to impinge on our country.

Courtesy of The New Yorker

And, as for you, David Icke, I wish you’d keep your nose out of the business of running Canada.

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1 Response to David Icke Just Called Us “Fascist Canada”

  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    It’s probably an age thing: I find myself getting more and more (small ‘c’) conservative. It’s just that I dislike the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada, so I don’t vote for them. But the rest suck, too.


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