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Maybe This is Exactly What Everyone Wants…

The World Going to Hell in a Handcart You know what I’m going to write next, don’t you? Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it. Putin and Russia want a neutral buffer zone around their borders. … Continue reading

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The Psychology of Colour

Blue and Yellow (in the Flag of Ukraine) This might seem an obvious thing, but nature has a way of demonstrating primary colours like blue and yellow (and in this case a clear blue sky over a field of yellow … Continue reading

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Writing Yourself into the History Books

Veni, Vidi, Vici I remember reading The Gallic Wars by Julius Caesar in Latin in Grade 10. The above-noted statement cannot be found there. (And for those whose Latin is a bit rusty, it means “I came, I saw, I … Continue reading

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How Anything Happens, Against All Odds

The Tipping Point (2013 Edition) My son got this book for me, for my 72nd birthday. Thanks, Derek. After reading most of my other books from my birthday, I am starting to settle on this one. The title alone has … Continue reading

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Question: Who Will Succeed, Zelenskyy or Putin?

Psycard Reading, Today Seems dumb to even attempt a double-headed question, but it came out that way as I was shuffling the cards. As you can see I got a NO on one side and a YES on the other, … Continue reading

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Putin: Be Careful What You Ask For…

Tarot: 7 of Swords This is my three-thousand-and-first post. I may be starting to write about other divinatory processes. As I sat down to write this, the Seven of Swords came to mind, so I decided to go with that … Continue reading

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Spiritual “Brothers in Arms”?

‘WWG1WGA” Does this thinking still apply, today? Is this why Zelenskyy is chiding the Western powers for standing at a distance and watching the events unfold in his precious country? And why didn’t NATO allow Ukraine to become part of … Continue reading

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Ukraine’s Resistance to the Russian Invasion

Better Dead Than Red It’s a Cold War slogan, but one that encapsulates the unexpected strength of feeling among Ukrainians. Putin thought that the very fact that his troops could cross the line between their two countries with impunity would … Continue reading

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Yesterday in History IV

Russia Invades Ukraine (February 24, 2022) Will this be another day in infamy? I expect so. What really surprises me is how anyone thought that diplomacy could have prevented this from happening. Putin only wanted one thing: assurances from the … Continue reading

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Who Will Purchase This Perch From Us?

When ALL the Chickens Come Home to Roost I have been commenting and predicting on events that were current for these past couple of months. The culmination happened yesterday, the day after the Beijing Winter Olympics ended. COVID-19 The Queen … Continue reading

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