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Pompeo vs. National Public Radio

He says that Mary Louise Kelly Lied to Him Twice. What? A politician claiming that a seasoned journalist lied to him? Pot-kettle-black… My cousin, John Miller, writing as The Journalism Doctor, has something to say about it. Trumping Truth Mary … Continue reading

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Who Missed Fatal Flight 752?

A Canadian Tragedy It’s still early days. Anything I write will be pure speculation, and a matter of personal opinion. But a couple of points stood out for me during the press coverage yesterday. There seems to be a discrepancy … Continue reading

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What About THAT Phone Call?

Between Zelensky & Trump I’ve kept out of the impeachment debate, until now. The US Congress was taken a vote on the legal process against Trump, and has decided to open the investigation to public scrutiny. (In real terms, they … Continue reading

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Nuclear Close Call: did a UFO almost trigger a missile launch?

The History Channel replayed an episode from its series “Hangar 1: the UFO Files” in which the producers question whether a UFO may have armed and then disarmed a nuclear missile launch computer. What Happened? Nuclear Close Call   It … Continue reading

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Malaysia Airlines MH17: did lightning strike twice?

It was bad enough that Malaysia Airlines MH370 disappeared over the South Indian Ocean, shrouded in mystery. Then, a few months later, another plane is shot down. What’s going on? The Event Malaysia Airline MH17   Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 … Continue reading

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