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Anachronism: Ahead by a Century

Anne with an “E” (Season 3) The opening theme song, by The Tragically Hip, should have been a clue from the very beginning of this series. We are being taken down a dark path of this nation’s past, with story … Continue reading

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What’s the Best a Man Can Be?

Gillette: The Best a Man Can Get It’s a subtle, and yet not-so-subtle, change. They alter one word, do an advertising campaign about ‘toxic masculinity’ and let the rest of the world (via social media) do their advertising for them. … Continue reading

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Scandal at St. Mike’s

St. Michael’s (Catholic) College, Toronto In some ways, it was a story waiting to happen: media outlets inform the police that an indecent video is being shared on the internet. The incident happened at a Catholic boy’s private high school. … Continue reading

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