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These Marks Mean Nothing Now, But They Used To…

During My High School Years (1964-1969) This was me, 54 years ago. It’s my favourite photo of myself while I was still in my teens. But my picture is not the reason for today’s post. These Ontario Student Transcripts are: … Continue reading

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Obviously, Someone Didn’t Get the Memo

This image was taken more than a week ago. In the meantime, Simcoe-Muskoka Catholic District School Board has mandated that their students will no longer have an option to leave the school for lunch. In fact, they have to eat … Continue reading

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Scandal at St. Mike’s

St. Michael’s (Catholic) College, Toronto In some ways, it was a story waiting to happen: media outlets inform the police that an indecent video is being shared on the internet. The incident happened at a Catholic boy’s private high school. … Continue reading

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I went to bed sometime last night, But early this morning I woke with a fright, For I could hear as plainly as light is day A mouse, in a corner, begin to say:   “I love to make noises … Continue reading

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