These Marks Mean Nothing Now, But They Used To…

During My High School Years (1964-1969)

Chris Thorpe 1967

This was me, 54 years ago. It’s my favourite photo of myself while I was still in my teens.

But my picture is not the reason for today’s post. These Ontario Student Transcripts are:


There are two specific marks in these transcripts that I would like to point out: the first is dated 1966-06 (Grade 10) Latin 61%; the second is 1969-06 (Grade 13) Latin 88%.

I have commented about these marks before, when referencing the benefits of hypnosis. So now you have the proof of my journey to master this language. But I must admit that I had no inkling that the mental block I came across when I first started studying the language in 1965 was tied to a life as a Roman Governor in the 1st Century of the Common Era.

Would you like to see another photo of me in 1967? This one was taken at the Canadian National Exhibition in that summer. Standing next to me (but now obliterated by a psycho girlfriend in 1976) was my then girlfriend, Judi, who would become my first wife in 1970.


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