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These Marks Mean Nothing Now, But They Used To…

During My High School Years (1964-1969) This was me, 54 years ago. It’s my favourite photo of myself while I was still in my teens. But my picture is not the reason for today’s post. These Ontario Student Transcripts are: … Continue reading

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Should We “Repent” (Interior) or “Do Penance” (Exterior)?

A Reading of the New Testament from the Greek I have a hard time letting the chips fall where they may: I wrote earlier this past week that even though I have no proof of a connection to the life … Continue reading

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The Mars and Venus Conjunction

Catullus 85 I attempted to translate this poem while in high school. Not my greatest achievement, but I tried to get into the state of mind of Catullus to do it. It didn’t really work for me. Now, all these … Continue reading

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Title of the One True Cross?

In Reverse… Holy relics, especially in the middle ages, were very lucrative business opportunities. Some would even say: crimes of opportunity. Here’s one that has a modicum of reality to it. For one thing, there are three versions of the … Continue reading

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The Erotic Poetry of Catullus

When we studied Latin in High School, it seemed boring. After all, didn’t they call it a “dead” language? Then they introduced us to the poetry of Catullus. Our senses perked up instantly. A dead language? His work came alive … Continue reading

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