Should We “Repent” (Interior) or “Do Penance” (Exterior)?

A Reading of the New Testament from the Greek

A re-examination of the Vulgate. Some critical examples: Matthew 3:2 – In those days John the Baptist came preaching in the wilderness of Judea, Do penance, [Repent] for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. Luke 1:28 – And [the angel] came to her [Mary] and said, Hail, O one that is full of grace[highly favored]!

I have a hard time letting the chips fall where they may: I wrote earlier this past week that even though I have no proof of a connection to the life of Tiberius Julius Alexander, I have a feeling that I might have been him in the 1st century AD. Now I have come across a Latin scholar in the 16th century who decided to study Greek and Hebrew to ‘correct’ the Latin Vulgate of its translation errors. A man after my own heart. (I have been known to try my own hand at similar exercises.)

So, let’s take a look at whether this man is a past life of mine, shall we?

There are enough connections between Erasmus’ death chart and my birth chart to be suggestive of reincarnation: Erasmus’ ‘fatal’ Ascendant in Libra conjunct my natal Neptune; his ‘fatal’ Mars conjunct to my natal Saturn; my natal Pluto conjunct to his ‘fatal’ Mercury/Part of Fortune; my natal Uranus midway between his North Node in Gemini and his ‘fatal’ Venus; his ‘fatal’ Pluto conjunct my natal Venus; and finally my ‘natal’ North Node midway between his ‘fatal’ Jupiter and Neptune in Aries.

But it gets even more interesting when you compare our birth charts.

My Ascendant @ 19 degrees Sagittarius is conjunct his Venus; his Ascendant is conjunct my Venus in Aquarius; his Mars is conjunct my Neptune in Libra; my Mars is halfway between his Mars and Uranus. Finally, his Sun is conjunct my Moon. This is a very distinct connection.

If I were one of the ‘authors’ of the Greek New Testament, then it is only right and proper that a life between that time and this should be the one who reinterprets what was really written. It also gives me a chance at setting the record right, so that the Roman Catholic Church should be held to account for their purposeful wrong focus of one of the ‘financial gains’ they had over the Western population. It’s no wonder that Marin Luther should use one of these translations to start the Protestant Reformation.

All institutions must evolve or they will die. Unfortunately, this action kicked off a wholesale reinvention of religion in the West. So, I have much to ‘repent’ for.


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