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Proverbs 31: Wise Women

An Acrostic Poem In the course of writing poetry over the years, I have employed a technique that helps drive the process of creating sonnets, while ‘hiding’ the meaning in plain sight. I write acrostic poems. What I hadn’t realized … Continue reading

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Hebrew Proverbs: Wisdom Words

The Golden Rule Years ago, I studied Hebrew scripture to see if there were any hidden codes buried beneath the words. This is known as Gematria. Sometimes, the text itself will hint at the number(s) involved. That means the message … Continue reading

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Yo! Brother…

What do יהוה and ΙΑΩ have in common? The sound that you make when you say them. Who says they’re not connected? יהוה My ear has always been attuned to puns. I hear them everywhere. Why this should be, I … Continue reading

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