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The Use of Ancient Hebrew Lends Authenticity

Dead Sea Scrolls (Psalm 119:59-64) It is a source of fascination for me to view most anything about the Dead Sea Scrolls. The fragment shown above is proof that whomever hid the scriptures in those caves near Qumran did so … Continue reading

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When the Past Came Knocking on the Present’s Door

Dead Sea Scrolls Released (September 22, 1991) In the midst of my decade of strife and struggles, the Dead Sea Scrolls were released to the world. This is now 31 years ago. This chart is randomized. It might be significant … Continue reading

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Letting the Light In through the Cracks

The Wisdom of a Broken Heart (2021) There’s a new book in town! (Well, actually on the internet, since I downloaded the Kindle version from Amazon.ca.) I’ve read chapter one, so far, today, and it seems to be dictated by … Continue reading

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