Letting the Light In through the Cracks

The Wisdom of a Broken Heart (2021)

Courtesy of Lars Muhl

There’s a new book in town! (Well, actually on the internet, since I downloaded the Kindle version from Amazon.ca.) I’ve read chapter one, so far, today, and it seems to be dictated by an Angel with quotes from the gospels of Thomas and Phillip. No doubt there will be some quotes from the gospel of Mary Magdalene, later on. So, essentially, this a Gnostic book from Lars.

He quotes Leonard Cohen’s “Anthem” to make the point of needing to have a broken heart in order to change our lives:

Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack, a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in.


14 Understanding the Law of Light involves realizing that you have a task here on Earth and, when things go wrong, to see this challenge as coming directly from heaven, a kind of wake-up-call from above, telling you that now is the time you ought to accept that task. Time on planet Earth is not eternal and, seen from a wider perspective, a person’s life lasts but a moment. Therefore, why waste yet more time on trivialities?

Muhl, Lars. The Wisdom of a Broken Heart (p. 13). Watkins Media. Kindle Edition

“Truth did not come naked into the world, but came as archetypes and images so that the world would be able to receive it. Rebirth exists, therefore, through the archetype of rebirth and through its image you will certainly be reborn. Which image? Resurrection! An archetypal image must be recreated through another archetypal image. The bridal chamber and its image must be united to be true: This is resurrection.” (Gospel of Phillip 67:9-16)

Muhl, Lars. The Wisdom of a Broken Heart (p. 14). Watkins Media. Kindle Edition.

I went through one of those ‘re-births’ when I contemplated suicide in December 1995. When all seems lost, there’s nothing to be afraid of anymore: the worst has happened. What now? you ask. The answer comes back: Just live!


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