The Moment Lars Muhl’s “Old Life” Died

Total Solar Eclipse (March 9, 1997)

Courtesy of Wikipedia

It’s not often that a person can pinpoint the exact moment when everything changed. I had a similar point in time in December 1995. This is Lars Muhl’s.

On the day the album was released, I went to the beach to watch the announced eclipse of the sun and had the very extraordinary experience of seeing that all the rocks as far as I could see, big and small, were standing upright as if pointing to the sun. A sign? Perhaps a sign that the night was almost over.

Muhl, Lars. The O Manuscript (p. 32). Watkins Media. Kindle Edition.

The album was ‘Mandolina’ and the date was March 9, 1997.

This is the chart for that exact moment as it occurred in Moscow. (Just to be clear, Lars wasn’t there, but it’s the closest I could get to a recognizable place on the eclipse‘s path.)

To then combine this chart with Lars’ birth chart, allows us to see the death throes of his former life as a singer-songwriter. It was the day he was reborn into a spiritual life.

That, my friends, is a perfect resurrection. His ‘natal’ Neptune and Pluto are inconjunct, and forming a triple Yod, to the eclipse Sun/Moon/Mercury conjunction.

Life begins again.

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