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Hiawatha: Fact or Fiction?

The Song of Hiawatha This is how I first read about Hiawatha, through the Classics Illustrated comic book. Like Last of the Mohicans I presumed he was a literary character only. I was wrong. Unfortunately, no one knows exactly when … Continue reading

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Solar Eclipse Flare

A symbol for Earth.   A symbol of Earth.

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Eclipse Refractions

From my Samsung Galaxy S4 phone   The maximum coverage of the sun was about 71% where we live. When I looked at these photos yesterday, I was disappointed to see the full glare of the sun’s rays. I hadn’t … Continue reading

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Total Eclipse of the Heart

Solar Eclipse 2017 There has been a bit of excitement concerning the upcoming solar eclipse on August 21st. As always there is a lunar eclipse that happens two weeks before which is also important. But the more significant is what … Continue reading

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To Everything There is a Season

When we were young, we thought that we’d work forever, or at least as long as our health held out. But then there comes a time to lay the burden of work down. For me, the time is now. Ecclesiastes … Continue reading

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Nostradamus: King of Terror?

What happens when a prophecy is shown to be wrong, as they often are? Do we throw out the baby with the bathwater, or do we try to understand what the prophet was trying to convey? Who was Nostradamus? According … Continue reading

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