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Hiawatha: Fact or Fiction?

The Song of Hiawatha This is how I first read about Hiawatha, through the Classics Illustrated comic book. Like Last of the Mohicans I presumed he was a literary character only. I was wrong. Unfortunately, no one knows exactly when … Continue reading

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Did “Avatar” Open Pandora’s Box?

Or just lift the lid to take a peek? They say what goes around, comes around again. It’s been a number of years since this film was released to the world. And now Disney World has a world of Pandora … Continue reading

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In No Man’s Land

A Nomadic Life We have a great heritage here in Canada, National and Provincial Parks. They are spaces reserved for mankind, where, for a price, you can commune with nature. And a lot of people pack up the kids and … Continue reading

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Voyages of Peter Esprit Radisson I just finished the first voyage, which ends with his escape from a Mohawk tribe near Schenectady, New York. As is his want, Radisson states the date and time of his departure. Did he know … Continue reading

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Pierre-Esprit Radisson: Hero or Villain?

Explorer and Fur Trader I’m reading “Voyages of Peter Esprit Radisson” again, for the first time since 1980. It takes a little while to get accustomed to the use of double letters, and mixed language words, that he wrote in … Continue reading

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Mountain Ash

There’s a legend about its berries.

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Regard for Spirit

Native culture is one of spiritual awareness and at-one-ment with nature. We could learn a lot by adopting their ways. Regard for Spirit Native American Paper Sculpture   Regarding spiritual truth and light Elevates a perception to a new Distinctive … Continue reading

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