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Was This the Hopi “Blue Star” Prophecy Fulfillment?

Comet 17P/Holmes (October 24, 2007) Honestly, I’m surprised we’re still here. If this comet was the coming of the Hopi “Blue Star” Kachina, then everything should have ‘ascended’ in late 2014, early 2015, seven years later. Hopi Prophecy Fulfilled Comet … Continue reading

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Forty-Six Years Ago Lightfoot Highlighted a Racial Issue

Cherokee Bend (1975) This song has been haunting my sleep. That probably means I need to write something about it. The story isn’t new, and in this case, fictionalized, but the recent news of unmarked graves at so many Residential … Continue reading

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Sorry, I Don’t Want to Spend Another Minute in This Bog

Longmire (2012-2017) We started watching this Netflix series on the recommendation of Susan’s brother, a retired RCMP constable living in Alberta (where he worked during his career). This show is right up his alley: a police (sheriff) procedural in Wyoming, … Continue reading

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“Peace on Earth” was All It Said

One Tin Soldier (1969) “One Tin Soldier” tells the story of two neighboring tribes, the warlike Valley People and the peaceful Mountain Kingdom which possesses a great treasure buried under a stone. The Valley People demand the treasure. The Mountain … Continue reading

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Finally, an Insight into the Term “Kemosabe”

The Lone Ranger and Tonto I was reading a story of a young First Nations boy who went out on a vision quest (a time-honoured rite of passage into adulthood). He had been told that he would meet seven totem … Continue reading

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We All Have So Much To Be Thankful For…

The First Thanksgiving (September 29, 1621) I’m a bit late for this one, but next year’s American Thanksgiving celebration will be the 400th anniversary of the original three day Harvest Festival in Plymouth. The time is randomized, but the message … Continue reading

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Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue in the Year 1492

Another strange sequence in my dream last night: I was using my Kepler 7.0 program to erect a chart, and the date 1492 appeared for the year, triggering a ‘before and after’ image. The ‘before’ was an innocent time in … Continue reading

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Tobacco: From Sacred to Profane and Back Again

The Four Sacred Medicines of the First People Alright. This was a weird dream sequence, even by my standards. Last night, I was being shown tobacco in WordPress posts, mostly extolling its sacred properties. But the ending demonstrated that as … Continue reading

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Braving the New World

Outlander – Season Four Due to the rising costs of practically everything, I took the decision about two years ago to reduce our cable TV subscription. As a result, we lost the “W” Network and access to the Outlander series. … Continue reading

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The Seven Directions

Lakota Wisdom: Circle of Life. The chart above shows the seven directions being matched with our seven chakras. I’m not sure that I totally agree with the Center being linked with the 6th chakra, because it so much more likely … Continue reading

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