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Armageddon: Having an Apocalyptic Fit?

The End of the World as We Know It Let’s put some perspective on this. Apocalypse literally means ‘an uncovering’. That’s why the book in the Bible where this is discussed is called “The Revelation of St. John”. John’s images … Continue reading

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Tomorrowland: Is It Happening Now?

“Is it real life, or just a fantasy?” As luck (?) would have it, Tomorrowland, the film, was shown on television, yesterday. George Clooney, we have noticed, likes to make a point of being in films that make a point. … Continue reading

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Planet X: Fake News?

Or Wishful Thinking? “We’re all going to hell in a handcart” There’s been another flurry of interest in the End of the World. This time it will happen 33 days after the Great American Solar Eclipse on the 21st of … Continue reading

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