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Can an Immortal Being Die? Or is This Something Else?

Mahavatar Babaji (November 30, 203 – February 14, 1984) Yes, I’d heard of him before, but I hadn’t realized what a controversy his death caused. This man was supposed to be the latest version of Babaji, only to die of … Continue reading

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Meet the Swami of Baltimore

William Walker Atkinson (Dec. 5, 1862 – Nov. 22, 1932) Ian sent the Faith and Science group a link to the pdf copy of Mystic Christianity yesterday and I read the first chapter all the way through. In essence he … Continue reading

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On the Way to Seventh Heaven

A Soul’s Journey I bought this book primarily because there was a quote on the cover by Taylor Caldwell: “I thought this book profoundly beautiful and mysteriously consoling and most inspiring.” A couple of years ago, I wrote a blog … Continue reading

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