Can an Immortal Being Die? Or is This Something Else?

Mahavatar Babaji (November 30, 203 – February 14, 1984)

Haidakhan Babaji

Yes, I’d heard of him before, but I hadn’t realized what a controversy his death caused. This man was supposed to be the latest version of Babaji, only to die of an apparent heart attack in 1984, after 14 years of spiritual work. Does this make him a fraud? Or does it indicate overshadowing by the Lord Shiva, instead?

This chart is randomized (and for once the Old Style and New Style calendars match on the day). There is nothing spectacular about it, and definitely no inconjuncts (but that could just be accidental). This is the purported birth of Babaji, so I cannot prove or disprove that idea.

But Babaji’s Death is Another Matter, Entirely

As usual, I set the clock for 12 noon (local time). This time there are three inconjuncts, all relying upon the correct time. Two of those inconjuncts (from Jupiter and Pluto) form a Yod pointing at Gemini Rising; the other inconjunct involves both the Moon and the Midheaven. So, none of this is real, but it could be inspired.

Comparing the Two Charts

Mercury in the natal chart @ 16° Scorpio matches the position of the ‘fatal’ Mars/Saturn conjunction. That indicates that it was time to leave. Mars in the natal chart is within 4° of the ‘fatal’ Sun in Aquarius, while the natal Sun @ 8° Sagittarius is opposite the ‘fatal’ Ascendant and conjunct the ‘fatal’ South Node/Uranus conjunction. The natal Venus @ 17° Capricorn is within 7° of the ‘fatal’ Venus and opposite the ‘fatal’ Moon. The timing couldn’t be better.

From 1977



So, he was the first Babaji and he was the last Babaji. And Lord Shiva was in them both.

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