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Who is the Real Doctor Zhivago?

Boris Pasternak (February 10, 1890 – May 30, 1960) I watched this BBC program some time in 2018. It inspired me to read “Doctor Zhivago” all over again. It helped me to appreciate the man who wrote the book. Most … Continue reading

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How John le Carré Describes George Smiley to His Readers

A Murder of Quality (1962) If you’re like me, you would have probably thoroughly enjoyed the Smiley Trilogy (“Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy”, “The Honourable Schoolboy” and “Smiley’s People”). But I had never read one of the early books that introduced … Continue reading

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One Mustn’t Mock the Afflicted Even in (a) Play

Bankrupture (1978) A bit ahead of the curve, I chose this title for my play about banking and being bankrupt. Now, the word is fair game for everyone, 43 years later. In the play, I discuss what working in a … Continue reading

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Is the Social Experiment of Planet Earth Coming to an End?

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH (1971) This post has been prompted by an article about the real life experiment that inspired this story. The parallels between rats and human society is uncanny. But it also hints at what … Continue reading

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John le Carré’s Last Novel, Published Before His Death

Agent Running in the Field (2019) I love a good spy novel, I must admit. And le Carré‘s brand of convoluted tale is the best, in my opinion. But, as always, I wonder about the naming of said stories. Agent-Running … Continue reading

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Was He a Lover or a Fighter, or Both?

William IX – Duke of Aquitaine (1271 – 1127) I came across an article about the troubadours, yesterday. Today, I looked at the man who may have ‘invented’ the precursor to the sonnet, as the first Troubadour. While reading his … Continue reading

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Seven Years’ Worth of Statistics

This is My 2,465th Post Well, that’s not entirely true, since I deleted a small number of posts along the way, especially when they attracted too much dissension and controversy (and sometimes when they were just spam comment magnets). I … Continue reading

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In Just Seven Years, I’ve Gone from Zero to Nero

My WordPress Statistics In one week’s time, I shall be celebrating my seventh anniversary of writing blogs on this platform. I knew the small audience of readers would grow over time, but I wasn’t expecting the huge doubling of numbers … Continue reading

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I Remembered “Roof Brain Chatter” but Not Much Else

The Crack in the Cosmic Egg (1971) I read a lot of books in the second half of the 1970’s. This may have been one of them. For sure, I recognize the cover image, but most of the content eludes … Continue reading

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New Testament Scriptures: Apostolic or Apologetic?

Forged (2011) The author of this book contends that most of the books of the New Testament are forgeries. That’s not really a surprise, unless you are a fundamentalist Christian and believe that the Bible is the “Word of God”. … Continue reading

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