Choosing the Right Time to Act (or Not)

Two of Swords

I have previously discussed the Tarot card that followed the first two drawn, here. Strangely enough, I was now faced with a financial dilemma in the late 1980’s: how can I succeed when my path isn’t clear?

I was definitely in a bind. Could a different perspective help? From Tarot of the New Vision:

A blindfolded person sits on a stone block on the seashore, the symbolic birthplace of life. The stone seat is a symbol of solidarity. The man’s blindfolded eyes suggest he has not yet realized his situation; he is unaware that he is passing from one emotive or existential dimension to another. He holds two swords diagonally: a symbol of an apparently insurmountable boundary. In front of him is a white horse, the symbol of spiritual leadership that helps us overcome any obstacle. The beach in front of this character should be seen as a landing place for existence. In the card’s previous version, we could see the moon in the sky (representing the unconscious and instinctive faculties) and little islands in the sea (symbols of certain aspects of the personality that emerge from the unconscious).

Page 108

The card following this one suggested that I let go of inhibitions. I did, as evidenced by the next one.

Page of Swords

It was time to do something, anything: but would I succeed or fail miserably?

You can imagine my surprise when this card showed up in Susan’s cousin’s impromptu reading for me. Here’s what it could actually mean (and please note that the other name for this card is Knave of Swords):

On the top of a mountain stands a young man, or maybe a young woman, brandishing a sword. It looks as if this person wants to challenge the dark and cloudy sky – a symbol of unfavorable omens or emerging problems. This is the image of the youthful idealism that urges us to tackle problematic situations head on, without worrying too much about long-term consequences. The mountain represents an ample vision of reality; we can look into the distance, but we may not have sufficient knowledge of the details that characterize each place, situation or experience. Under the figure’s right foot is a stone in the shape of a head, signifying a contempt for materialism.

Main Meanings

A young friend (man or woman) or consultant with rich imagination and Utopian projects. He or she studies or carries out research. He or she shares ideal passions, professional or sentiments. Perfect health.

Page 117

I read somewhere that he/she represents someone who wants to take credit for their actions but has to do them behind-the-scenes. Very apt, as it turned out in 1994.

The result in 1995 and 1996? As noted, before: complete ruination. But the spell was broken and now all I had to do was wait for the storm, that I’d started by my actions, to pass. In the meantime, I started writing the Star of Bethlehem manuscript. That may have been the purpose, in the long run.

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