Warning: Be Careful What You Wish for…

Seven of Cups

Again, I was surprised to have this Tarot card drawn during the impromptu reading on July 31st.

Sure, I’m a dreamer, “but I’m not the only one.” It’s the secondary meaning, deception, that was troubling me. Am I just fooling myself? Am I painting rainbows in the sky? What’s really going on?

Here is what my Tarot of the New Vision book says:

A man with a far-away look dreams of seven chalices full of strange things. Two women watch him, one with admiration, the other with trepidation. The chalice contents symbolize desire and fear. We can see a snake (sexuality), a person with his head veiled (the subconscious), a head decorated with flowers (love), a dragon (fear), a crown of laurel leaves (success), necklaces and other precious objects (richness), and a castle (basic personality). Very briefly, this card depicts the contents of the mind and various ways of facing them, represented here by the two maidens near the main character. One is mesmerized while the other is terrorized. In both cases, facing that “performance” will be inevitable; the end results cannot be taken for granted.

Main Meanings

Your thoughts or projects seem unlikely: pure fantasy. Sooner or later your artistic creations will be appreciated. Erotic fantasies need realizing.

Page 71

Really? At my age? I guess some things really don’t go away.

The descriptions of the contents of the cups reminded me of my Psycard deck, especially the snake symbolizing sexuality and the dragon symbolizing fear. Here are the relevant cards:


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