This Happens Every Year for Seven Years, but We Forget:

Retrograde Uranus (in Taurus) August 24, 2022

Uranus is transiting Taurus at the moment: it takes about 7 years to complete its journey through the sign. We tend to lose sight of its influence because it takes so long, but we’re reminded of its significance when it turns retrograde, like it did this morning @ 9:54 local time.

On a global scale, this can be experienced as an upset to the ‘norm’. And has it ever been so far: Uranus entered Taurus on March 7, 2019. It will finally move on to Gemini on July 7, 2025. That’s a long time. We are sitting at the mid-point of that transit and Uranus went retrograde (backward motion) an hour ago.

The four points of the chart are the most affected. Are you one of those individuals?

This was the previous time, last year. Appropriate, isn’t it?

The idea that one can carefully research every decision is turned on its head during the retrograde. Just following the American political scene is proof of its revolutionary status as the disruptor of normality.


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