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When a Memory Turns into a Nightmare

Requiem (2018) We started watching this eerie series last night on Netflix. Ordinarily, I stay away from ‘gothic thrillers’ but this one has an interesting vibe to it: the classical music in the soundtrack. . In a way, I can … Continue reading

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Last Night, I was a Fly on the Wall:

In Biden’s White House Blame it on the US tax deadline, blame it on the full moon, blame it on too much food yesterday. Whatever. My dreams last night were full of witnessing events in the White House. By themselves, … Continue reading

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About Last Night…

Lucid Dreaming When I woke this morning, I had two bits of information that were featured in last night’s dream: The term “extra merit”; and the flag of Mexico. On their own, these bits don’t yield any direct meaning to … Continue reading

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Blame It on the Full Moon: Dream Image

Starlight Meter Sometimes (most times), when a message is being transmitted through a dream, the idea is disguised in several ways, in order to bypass the ego’s censoring (sensoring?) methods. In last night’s dream, I got hold of a light … Continue reading

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Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire

In my dreams, I’m never exactly sure why I get the sequences I do: last night, for example, I saw billowing black smoke coming out from a roof cavity in a building that housed a large department store. The smoke … Continue reading

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A Pawn Piece (1978 play): Insights

Playing the Games of Life on a Chessboard Originally written as a poem (“Upon Peace”) in 1965, as a protest about the ways of the world, I adapted it into a play in 1978, using my son (Derek) as the … Continue reading

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Contradiction in Terms: How this Idiom Seems like Nonsense

Getting on Like a House on Fire Yesterday, I took my first increased dose of Ozempic (.5 mg) and suffered from indigestion, nausea and diarrhea all afternoon. I thought, last night, that a good night’s sleep would sort me out. … Continue reading

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I had a Very Strange Dream Last Night

About an Arab Woman under Threat from her Husband I am never sure where I get my dream themes from: two nights ago, I had a dream about plotting someone’s murder. Then, last night, I was part of a group … Continue reading

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Returning to the Scene in the Library

A New World (2019) It’s hard to believe that more than 35 years have passed since Whitley Strieber had his close encounter of the third kind. Since Anne, his wife of 45 years, died in 2015, Whitley has come to … Continue reading

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Dreaming (Redux)

Originally posted on cdsmiller17:
What is it that everyone does every night, week after week, year after year, but so few of us remember the next morning? What is it that creates a feeling of strangeness when we think about…

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