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Other Points in Time: UK Homegrown Terrorism

London Underground Bombing (July 7, 2005) It’s hard to believe that it’s been 16 years already since this ‘surprise’ attack on London happened. It was presumed to be due to the part the UK played in the war on Iraq. … Continue reading

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And Speaking of the Police…

Magpie It’s an odd sort of memory. I was driving through Windsor Great Park on my way back to Ascot, where I lived during the week, from my work at Hook & Slate Fixings Ltd in the Slough Industrial Park, … Continue reading

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He Slipped Away in the Night, While the Rest Slept

The Death of Prince Philip (April 9, 2021) I guess he didn’t want to see what 100 years looked like in the mirror. Prince Philip died yesterday, and I waited an extra day to see if Buckingham Palace would provide … Continue reading

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Dr John Dee and Elizabeth I are Connected Through Astrology

Coronation of Elizabeth I (January 15, 1559) According to reports, Elizabeth I asked John Dee to draw up a chart for the best time for her coronation. This isn’t as unusual as you might think, since most royals thought that … Continue reading

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Harsh Reality: “That’s Some Loaded Toast!”

‘Oprah with Meghan and Harry’ TV Special on CBS A no-holds barred take down of the British Royal Family was always going to be fascinating viewing, but I wasn’t expecting such candor from the participants. In a way, Meghan got … Continue reading

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This is the Man who Helped to Make the Church of England

Thomas Cromwell (January 1, 1485? – July 28, 1540) (Why are they all shown holding a piece of paper in one hand?) I was hesitating to write about this ‘architect’ of the Anglican Church, mainly because no one knows his … Continue reading

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He Blurred the Line Between Church and State

Thomas Wolsey (March 7, 1471 – November 29, 1530) I cannot say for sure who really was the villain of the piece, but Cardinal Wolsey comes close to the top of my list of the usual suspects. Thomas Wolsey (c. … Continue reading

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The True Story Behind One of Television’s Greatest Frauds

Quiz (2020) It strikes me as ironic that the date that the original TV show taping was exactly two days before Nine-Eleven. (And I was still in Canada, not getting back to the UK until the following Friday.) Makes me … Continue reading

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Quiz: Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Charles Ingram (August 6, 1963) Some people are remembered for their heroism, some for their personality; this man is remembered for trying to cheat spectacularly on a UK quiz show, and getting found out. Not knowing Mr Ingram’s birth time, … Continue reading

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Once Seen, Never Forgotten, Thrice

Warwick Castle, Warwick I’ve seen this castle three times over the 22 years I lived in England: the first time with my second wife, Suzann, the second time with my mother, and the third time with Dianne. During the third … Continue reading

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