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Has John Lennon Returned?

Adam Douglas Enevoldsen The look is familiar, isn’t it? You’d almost think it was Sean Lennon, at first glance. But it’s not. This is Adam Douglas (his stage name). He won a television music contest in Norway in 2017, when … Continue reading

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Strawberry Beatles Forever

Yesterday Imagine a world without Coca-Cola, Harry Potter, cigarettes and the Beatles. That’s the premise of this movie. But, if you were the only person who could remember their songs, wouldn’t you want to share them with the world? Post … Continue reading

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Imitation: Musical Theft or Homage?

Back in the U.S.S.R. When the double record The Beatles, now known as the White Album, landed in 1968, we all knew that a different side to the Beatles’ creativity was being shown. In fact, I sat with the lyrics … Continue reading

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Choose Wisely

Walls and Bridges (1975) John Lennon’s fifth studio album featured songs that he’d written, recorded and released during the 18-month separation from his wife, Yoko Ono. The title says it all. Whatever Gets You Thru The Night   Nobody Loves … Continue reading

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Dueling Beatles

And in the end, the love you take is equal to love you make Paul George John Ringo   Altogether now…  

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My Beatles’ Record Collection

The Butcher Cover The ‘holy grail’ of Beatles’ collections, this album is a much sought after item. Grotesque, to be sure, it also demonstrated the Beatles’ collective sense of humour. They were protesting in a very visible way that Capitol … Continue reading

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John Lennon: Thirty-Five Years Later

When he was shot that fateful day in December 1980, Beatles’ fans everywhere felt that the life of their “Working Class Hero” had been cut short, in his prime, and his voice was silenced, forever. The Death of John Lennon … Continue reading

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John Lennon and the UFO

On a Facebook posting today, the Beatles page mentioned an oft-told, but now forgotten, bit of trivia: John Lennon saw a UFO over New York City on August 23, 1974 at 9 o’clock. Walls and Bridges Walls & Bridges cover … Continue reading

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George Harrison: The Mystic Beatle

The Mystic Hare KRSNA, hare KRSNA, he sang And, in doing so, opened the West up: Regardless of how each fills his soul’s cup, Religion plays a part for Yin and Yang. Indirectly involved, the need to hang Spiritual Avatars, … Continue reading

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