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And Yet Another Odd Couple

Grace and Frankie This series has been running for quite a while now. We’re coming to it late, but by binge-watching over the past week, we are almost through the first season. Really, could there be a stranger mix of … Continue reading

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Is it a Towering Inferno?

We watch CTV News Barrie everyday at 6:00 pm. It’s our first view of the news each evening and provides us with an overview of the events in our area of Ontario, Simcoe and Muskoka. It’s also part of the … Continue reading

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It’s Always Been a Question of Faith

God Friended Me – Series Finale Well, that’s alright then. It’s over. And now we have an answer to the question: what’s this all about? As always, I won’t give the ending away, but I always suspected that this was … Continue reading

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A Hitch Hiker through our Galaxy

Douglas Adams (March 11, 1952 – May 11, 2001) I mentioned the other day that Adams died before 9-11. Was that his personal exit strategy? Or was it sprung on him from outside the galaxy? It’s intriguing, isn’t it? So … Continue reading

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Quantum Leaps into the Unknown

Quantum Leap (1989 – 1993) I think most of us in the West can remember this television series. I know I do. What brought it to mind, this morning, was the dream I had last night. In my dream, I … Continue reading

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Something in the Air that Night?

Adam Lambert Again, this post was triggered by the Nick Merico appearance on American Idol this week. It took me back to season 8 when Adam Lambert auditioned, and then came second in the contest to Kris Allen. Of course, … Continue reading

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Truth in Advertising: the Eyes have It

Questrade As with all advertising campaigns, this latest one from Questrade is inspired. Because we are so good at reading people’s faces, they gave us a series of television spots that feature individuals with honest expressions on their face, in … Continue reading

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Modern Art: What’s It Worth?

Heartbeat: House Rules (Season 12, Episode 22) This show, as always, is full of nostalgia for the 60’s. And, once in a while, it raises questions about cultural issues. The comedy part of this week’s show (being shown on TVO … Continue reading

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Who is the Doctor?

Doctor Who: Season 12 Who said the Doctor has to be a man? The latest season opened last night on BBC One and BBC America. As usual it was full of farcical moments, and some ‘funny’ performances by the guest … Continue reading

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Braving the New World

Outlander – Season Four Due to the rising costs of practically everything, I took the decision about two years ago to reduce our cable TV subscription. As a result, we lost the “W” Network and access to the Outlander series. … Continue reading

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