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History Repeats Itself

  Until the Lessons are Learned Yesterday, President Trump likened the Mueller Special Investigation into the Russian meddling in the 2016 Election to the Army-McCarthy hearings of the early 1950’s. On the CBC, when it reported this on The National, … Continue reading

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I was a Young Caddy

Lacking in Experience I decided to get a job when I was nine years old. As we were living in Windermere, in Muskoka, at the time, I became a caddy at the Windermere Golf & Country Club. But there was … Continue reading

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Impossible Mission: Regime Change

The Impossible Missions Force The term ‘black ops’ is more common now than when this television show premiered in 1966. And there seemed something ‘real’ about it, even though it was supposed to be a fantasy. Especially the opening sequence … Continue reading

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The Prequel Refines the Character

Endeavour Morse John Thaw played the beloved character Inspector Morse for more years than I care to remember. Then Colin Dexter, the author, decided to kill him off in his final book,┬áThe Remorseful Day.┬áThe television show followed suit. Now ITV … Continue reading

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Life Could Be A Dream

Reverie There’s a new show on television, one that I had been avoiding for some reason. It stars Sarah Shahi, of Person of Interest fame. And it is a very slick but entertaining programme. The concept isn’t new: a computer-generated … Continue reading

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New CTV Show Not So New After All

The Detail I was looking forward to this series because it was going to be groundbreaking: two female police detectives with a female as their boss. After about four episodes, I began to see a familiar pattern. Where had I … Continue reading

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Happily Ever After?

Once Upon A Time – Season 7 Finale All fairy tales start with the words “Once upon a time” and end with “They lived happily ever after”. After seven years, Once Upon A Time came to its series conclusion. Being … Continue reading

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