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Searching for Hidden Treasure

Detectorists (Series 3) For those of you who haven’t seen this television program, it’s about metal detecting, and looking for gold, but it’s so much more than that. This show is a sleeper. If you have ever lived in the … Continue reading

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A Meddlesome Priest on PBS

Father Brown I never thought I’d be writing about this show, which comes on twice weekly on the PBS. But last night episode (S6, E5) entitled “The Face of the Enemy” had a few outstanding features about it, notwithstanding the … Continue reading

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A Man Called Intrepid I read this book years and years ago. I bought it recently, again, in order to share it with one of our grandchildren. The story sounds fantastic, and some of the details may have been fabricated … Continue reading

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Unforgotten Actors Get Second Chance

Unforgotten If you’ve watched PBS’ Masterpiece Mystery! recently, you would have seen this latest ‘cold case’ TV show from the BBC. From the first season, here are the names and faces of some of the senior guest stars. Tom Courtney … Continue reading

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The GEICO Gecko

Advertising Star He’s world famous, but modest and unassuming. His accent is English, and his delivery smooth, even in trying circumstances:     Who Does His Voice? Jake Wood was one of the ensemble actors on¬†Eastenders, a BBC evening soap … Continue reading

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