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How Appropriate for Father’s Day…

Our Dad Shows Up in My Dream Last Night Having had a very busy day, yesterday, attending a family wedding (which was surprisingly emotional for me), I resolved to have a good night’s sleep, but also to remember whatever my … Continue reading

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L.M.N. Tree and May Paul: Our Ancestors?

A Pawn Piece (1978 play): Act III (Page 16) (The curtain comes up on yet another area of the forest. Two characters, PAUL and TREE, are engaged in an animated conversation. PAUL is wearing a full-blown green dress, with dark … Continue reading

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Family Trees: Where We’re From; How We’re Growing

Who Do You Think You Are? I’m not sure how long this program ran, because there are earlier versions. But it was a pleasure to watch because the double whammy of a celebrity guest and any historical period was enticing: … Continue reading

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Anachronism: Ahead by a Century

Anne with an “E” (Season 3) The opening theme song, by The Tragically Hip, should have been a clue from the very beginning of this series. We are being taken down a dark path of this nation’s past, with story … Continue reading

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DNA: Family History

Meeting our Grandparents My sister Anne has decided to have her DNA tested through Ancestry. Because she and I only share our mother, her results will only be useful to her family tree research. So, will I ‘bite the bullet’ … Continue reading

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A Sense of Wonder (fragment)

If you have a detective nature, You will find so much to trace: The words on the page are your Clue that there‚Äôs more than just a face, Staring back from the computer screen; You need only search through history … Continue reading

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Who Am I? My Search for a Family Name

As I pointed out in the poem, “My Father’s Heir” (see “The Miller Saga: Family Reunion”) I grew up thinking that my father was dead. That was before Mom wrote me “THE Letter”, which laid out some of the details … Continue reading

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