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My Companion Through These Last Nine Years

BeBe is Facing an Uncertain Future She has been with me (and by my side) while I have posted on this webpage. Now, she has been diagnosed with impending renal failure. She may not have long to live. Her birthday … Continue reading

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When the Heavenly Battle Comes Down to Earth

Night Sky (2022) If you’re a senior, this TV show (on Amazon Prime) may appeal to you. Otherwise, it may seem boring. The first teleportation flight we witness in episode one is their 856th (or at least that’s what I … Continue reading

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When Does Routine Turn Boring?

Yesterday… I’m not sure what exactly happened yesterday (and no, I did not check it out astrologically) but I suddenly found myself bored. It might have been the letdown from finishing yesterday’s post after so looking forward to reading the … Continue reading

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L.M.N. Tree and May Paul: Our Ancestors?

A Pawn Piece (1978 play): Act III (Page 16) (The curtain comes up on yet another area of the forest. Two characters, PAUL and TREE, are engaged in an animated conversation. PAUL is wearing a full-blown green dress, with dark … Continue reading

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One Mustn’t Mock the Afflicted Even in (a) Play

Bankrupture (1978) A bit ahead of the curve, I chose this title for my play about banking and being bankrupt. Now, the word is fair game for everyone, 43 years later. In the play, I discuss what working in a … Continue reading

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We Need to CERB the Fraud

Canada Emergency Response Benefit It seemed like a good idea at the time… With everyone being asked to stay at home and shelter in place, being given $2,000 a month to keep the money flowing was a ‘God-send’. As a … Continue reading

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The Old Folks at Home (on Mother’s Day)

Porch photo by April Barber (morgellicreative.com)

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