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Building a Universal Library with Your Memories

The Akashic Records This image is one of many that attempts to show where we go to read our Akashic record. By now, we are very cognizant of the idea of computer files within our personal appliances, and yet when … Continue reading

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What Happens When These Three Unite Against the Sun

Moon/Jupiter/Uranus Conjunction (April 29, 1983) I was asked to erect a chart for an individual in an extended family situation. I don’t think he wanted his birth chart done, but he may have expressed an interest in understanding how astrology … Continue reading

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Imagine if You had Trouble Remembering Things

World Password Day 2022 I’m not trying to be clever here, but I may come across as a wiseacre (as they used to call it). Passwords have become the bane of everyone’s existence. Do you remember them all, or do … Continue reading

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One Mustn’t Mock the Afflicted Even in (a) Play

Bankrupture (1978) A bit ahead of the curve, I chose this title for my play about banking and being bankrupt. Now, the word is fair game for everyone, 43 years later. In the play, I discuss what working in a … Continue reading

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