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State of the Union: Two Roman Memories

I Remember Union: The Story of Mary Magdalena From the Preface: “I REMEMBER UNION is the story of Mary Magdalena, an endearing woman who remembers her oneness with spirit and with all things. This memory guides her to the vision … Continue reading

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The Book of Life: an Akashic Record?

In 1984, my wife had a lucid dream that she shared with me upon waking. Since then, I’ve found echoes of her dream in others’ published works. This is what it seems to mean to me. Balancing Book J(esus) and … Continue reading

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How I Chose the Winner of the 2007 Grand National

Betting on a horse race is never a ‘sure thing’. For 20 years, I tried and failed at picking a horse to win the Grand National at Aintree in the UK. Then one year, I did something a little bit … Continue reading

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