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Building a Universal Library with Your Memories

The Akashic Records This image is one of many that attempts to show where we go to read our Akashic record. By now, we are very cognizant of the idea of computer files within our personal appliances, and yet when … Continue reading

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Some Random Quotes about Cosmic Consciousness

. . . . . . .

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So, Who Did Tesla Reincarnate As?

Saul Perlmutter (September 22, 1959) According to Kevin Ryerson’s Ahtun Re, Nikola Tesla came back as Saul Perlmutter. In a way, that makes total sense. Working alone didn’t get Tesla very far, so his next life would clearly need help … Continue reading

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The Wellspring: Be Ready

(Flashback to) November 6, 1991 A clarion call, the trumpets are sounding. Be ready and prepared for the way of the Lord, and your growth in understanding, as you put down the barriers and restrictions. The power of the Universe … Continue reading

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The Wellspring*: Substratum of Life

January 14, 2018: *Interim Channelling Between the forces of light is a substratum which joins infinity to matter. It influences the bringing of mass into form, which is then perceived by the human eye, but unrecognised by many. This is … Continue reading

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The Wellspring*: Birth of a New Consciousness

October 31, 2021: *New Channelling (XXVIII) The thoughts of the Universe are received through a filter in a manner that is understood by the human brain. The brain is limited to an extent by the development of thought, which tends … Continue reading

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Extended Metaphor: How to Visualize the Galactic Centre

Our Galaxy’s Umbilical Cord I was partway through Ariele Adams’ “Galactic Center Thoughts” video (part XI) on YouTube, during which she was discussing how someone (herself, in this case) might describe what the GC is like, and I got a … Continue reading

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No Doubt the Universe is Unfolding as It Should

Galactic Centre My astrologist colleague, Ellie, who writes on these pages under the name Saturn Season is in the middle of exploring how the Galactic Centre is impacting individuals through aspects to their natal planetary positions. Evidently, the GC was … Continue reading

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A Gift from the Universe in 1986

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Just Because You’re Paranoid…

Doesn’t Mean They Aren’t Out To Get You. But it also means that it’s all in your mind. Maybe. I live in a safe Universe. I’ve said that before on a couple of occasions. Nice for me, perhaps not so … Continue reading

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