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Extended Metaphor: How to Visualize the Galactic Centre

Our Galaxy’s Umbilical Cord I was partway through Ariele Adams’ “Galactic Center Thoughts” video (part XI) on YouTube, during which she was discussing how someone (herself, in this case) might describe what the GC is like, and I got a … Continue reading

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No Doubt the Universe is Unfolding as It Should

Galactic Centre My astrologist colleague, Ellie, who writes on these pages under the name Saturn Season is in the middle of exploring how the Galactic Centre is impacting individuals through aspects to their natal planetary positions. Evidently, the GC was … Continue reading

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A Gift from the Universe in 1986

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Just Because You’re Paranoid…

Doesn’t Mean They Aren’t Out To Get You. But it also means that it’s all in your mind. Maybe. I live in a safe Universe. I’ve said that before on a couple of occasions. Nice for me, perhaps not so … Continue reading

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Carlos Castaneda Quote 1

Catching a Glimpse “In the Art of Dreaming Don Juan tells Carlos, “… most of our energy goes into upholding our importance… if we were capable of losing some of that importance, two extraordinary things would happen to us. One, … Continue reading

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Synchronicity in Action

Timing is Everything Let’s set the scene, shall we? My wife and I are seniors in our late 60’s. We have a limited budget as we depend on pensions. We do not have a great deal of disposable income. (But, … Continue reading

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