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God: New Discussion Required

What We Talk About When We Talk About God Victoria, from our Faith and Science group, passed out some copies of this book which she bought at Dollarama. That was slightly more than two weeks ago. I’ve been reading it … Continue reading

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Amazed by Grace

Stairway to Heaven In the ‘old days’ (read, just yesterday), we thought we could earn our way to salvation. By following the rules, we thought we could buy a stairway to heaven. What a waste of effort! As I have … Continue reading

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OMG: You’re the Creator?

The Architect The Matrix Reloaded writers got it right. Our world is a simulation program that has an anomaly. Us. We have the free will to change the program at any time, but we’re so busy trying to make sense … Continue reading

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The Universe: God’s Body?

God’s Footstool Our schooled version of God suggests that Earth is His footstool. That’s nice…it definitely puts us in our place. But if you take away the religious confusion and focus on the real meaning, you’ll get a different perspective. … Continue reading

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Yesterday, in our Faith and Science group, we discussed the concept of Trinity and how to best explain it, in modern terms.   Most of the time, we let the words trip off our tongues without much thought, but the … Continue reading

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Why I Write…

…SONNETS It’s a question I’ve often asked myself. What is it about iambic pentameter that makes me want to write it? Is it the da-dum, da-dum of a mystery theme song? Or is it the sound of a horse at full … Continue reading

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