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Since We Don’t Have Photographic Evidence…

Did Adam and Eve have Belly Buttons? Obviously, when artists depicted the first Man and Woman, they showed them to be human, with everything that we’ve come to know and love about humanity, including their navels. They were not trying … Continue reading

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Karma: God Is Not Mocked

Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics They call it ‘spin’. Too much makes everything spin out of control: January 6th, 2021, for example. I’ve written about this affliction before. But the roots of it start early in childhood. Parents ask their … Continue reading

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When One’s Faith is Tested

I Still Believe (2020) I’m beginning to think that I need to get out more: here is a Christian Country Music star whose story is heartbreaking and inspiring at the same time. In fact, I’d never heard of him, until … Continue reading

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Government: By the People for the People?

Aristocracy vs Liberty Phineas Quimby was a very opinionated man. And having witnessed first-hand the American Civil War meant that he based his thinking on what he saw going on around him. Politically, he equated priests and doctors to the … Continue reading

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I Can’t Believe I Didn’t Do His Chart Before

Neale Donald Walsch (September 10, 1943) Well, yes, it is strange, but just this week I was sent a pdf copy of Walsch’s 2017 book “Awaken the Species” and the first few pages gave me the information that I’d been … Continue reading

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The Play’s the Thing…

Even Plato Said So

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Extended Metaphor: How to Visualize the Galactic Centre

Our Galaxy’s Umbilical Cord I was partway through Ariele Adams’ “Galactic Center Thoughts” video (part XI) on YouTube, during which she was discussing how someone (herself, in this case) might describe what the GC is like, and I got a … Continue reading

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Song Lyrics as ‘The Journey’ (Jungian Psychology)

Bruce Miller: Fairy Tales On The Highway (1975) As you may have surmised by now, I am in the middle of reading “Ego and Archetype” by Edward F. Edinger. I already knew a great deal about the subject matter, having … Continue reading

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Flying High in April, Brought Down in May

Encounter With The Self Have you ever been so down and out that you finally give in and let go? That seems to be the whole purpose of failure: to show your ego that you (and it) are not in … Continue reading

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A 16th Century Gnostic?

Desiderius Erasmus (October 28, 1466 – July 12, 1536) The story of his life is interesting, to say the least. He didn’t need the outward signs and rites of the Roman Catholic Church: he had a direct relationship with God. … Continue reading

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