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The Mystical Marriage

The Nature of the Mystery is Love This is one post that would be better served if I just get out of the way and quote from Jesus and the Lost Goddess: It is easy with a book such as … Continue reading

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I’d Never Read the Word Before, But It’s Familiar

Murāqabah The word murāqabah is derived from the base of rā-qāf-bā The base has the meaning of guarding and watching over with the expectation of noticing any change, unique qualities or abnormalities of a given thing. The word is also … Continue reading

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Was This Man a Fraudster or an Inspired Writer?

Edmond Bordeaux Szekely (March 5, 1905 – 1979) There is a purpose to this post: I want to see if there are signs of conscious fraud in Szekely‘s birth chart. As his birth time is unknown, I have rectified his … Continue reading

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“She Who Holds the World” (1937)

Helena Roerich (February 12, 1879 – October 5, 1955) Of course I’m going to look at this person: she was instrumental in Nicholas Roerich’s spiritual mission, and she was a mystic, a dreamer and a spiritual writer in her own … Continue reading

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More Inspiration or Plagiarism?

Girl From the North Country Scarborough Fair / Canticle “Remember me to one who lives there: she once was a true love of mine.” Which do you prefer? Martin Carthy: the missing link between Dylan and Simon

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Fountain’s “Chakra” Meditation

This is an experiment. The original recording to cassette was made on August 4th, 1992 at the BBC Radio Devon studios in Exeter, UK. The words were written by Suzanne Thomas of Fountain International, and they were spoken by David … Continue reading

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The Bible as Allegory

Noah (2014) Who doesn’t like a good story? In the ancient past, knowledge was passed down through the generations by telling stories. Oral history was later written down. Just as luck would have it (?) we watched Noah last night. … Continue reading

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Two More Spiritual Newspeak Terms

logophilia Addiction to words. Belief that all words contain hidden meanings, provided that you have the time and patience to look up their constituent parts in enough different languages (however unrelated); or that given sounds and letters have a constant … Continue reading

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Spiritual Newspeak

The New Age Lexicon I am conversant with these terms. That’s what makes this book so delightful. But because most of the entries are cleverly written and sometimes so ironic, that unless you know what the original purpose of the … Continue reading

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Just Because You’re Paranoid…

Doesn’t Mean They Aren’t Out To Get You. But it also means that it’s all in your mind. Maybe. I live in a safe Universe. I’ve said that before on a couple of occasions. Nice for me, perhaps not so … Continue reading

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