Was This Man a Fraudster or an Inspired Writer?

Edmond Bordeaux Szekely (March 5, 1905 – 1979)

There is a purpose to this post: I want to see if there are signs of conscious fraud in Szekely‘s birth chart.

As his birth time is unknown, I have rectified his chart to show the age (32) when he first published a manuscript (Mercury). Immediately, I noticed that Neptune is in the 11th House of Groups and Associations (hmm).

Per publications of the International Biogenic Society, including ‘The Essene Gospel of Peace’, Szekely received a Ph.D. from the University of Paris, and other degrees from the universities of Vienna and Leipzig. He held professorships in philosophy and in experimental psychology at the Bolyai University in Kolozsvár (now Cluj-Napoca, in Romania). His books were published in English, Romanian, Esperanto, German, French, Hungarian, and Spanish, per the introductory bibliography in his 1938 book ‘Cosmotherapy, the Medicine of the Future’. Szekely claimed to have translated a text he discovered at the Vatican in 1923, called The Essene Gospel of Peace which he published in four parts over several decades. With the 1974 edition, he also included what he said was the complete original Hebrew text from which he translated Book 1.


If you will follow my line of thinking: Saturn is on his Descendant @ 26° Aquarius. That equates to his age of 23 years. It is stated that he found The Essene Gospel of Peace in the Vatican when he was 18. Does that seem likely? The stellium in Pisces, starting from the South Node @ 9° and covering Mercury @ 12°, the Sun @ 15° and culminating with the Moon @ 19° is showing us that a past life was involved with something the Roman Catholic Church would consider a heresy. Was he a Gnostic, perhaps?

A new moon in Pisces talks about ups and downs, has a nebulous and powerful mysterious influence on our lives, frowns [on] us even more, amplifies guilt, betrayal, brings to light the secret plans but also how many ‘throw the cat behind others’. With the New Moon in Pisces, even if suffering seems to set the tone, it is important to connect with hope. We may feel like we are in a prison, but if we wake up, we become aware that the key to our prison door is in us, in the divinity hidden within us. There can be a series of problems, obstacles to be solved, but even so, we must connect with divinity in the face of any adversity.

Without divine support, a new moon in Pisces becomes a source of confusion and others may abuse us through secret games and plans, obscure interests, hidden enemies, someone else directing our lives.

Viktor Astrology


We are aware that a great many individuals in history have been sacrificed on the altar of religion because they did not tick the correct boxes. Szekely, in his latest incarnation, may easily be included in this august number. The truth is: no one wants to admit that he got it right, and they got it wrong…


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