Rolling the Astrological Dice

Phineas Quimby and Edmond Szekely

I always find it a bit of a challenge to work out who might be linked to any of my past lives. Edmond Bordeaux Szekely is one of those characters from the past who has had a profound influence on my life in the present that I ‘know’ we are connected somehow. So, I sent a request to those in charge to show me how, and, this morning, I was reminded of Phineas Quimby

In this case, the energies are connected in their birth charts, so this does not demonstrate reincarnation.

Another once-in-a-hundred years link-up! I suppose Quimby’s Sun and Szekely’s Saturn would be the strongest tie, with their Mercury conjunct Mercury a close second. But stronger that those two links is Quimby’s Neptune conjunct Szekely’s Mars @ 21° Scorpio. Do you see what I mean?

Each man’s Part of Fortune (although not a planet) is linked to something in the other’s chart: Szekely’s @ 0° Virgo is conjunct Quimby’s Jupiter, while Quimby’s @ 2° Taurus is conjunct Szekely’s Venus/Jupiter conjunction.

Finally, their Moons are significantly situated: Quimby’s is 4° from Szekely’s Ascendant; while Szekely’s is within 3° from Quimby’s North Node.

Am I missing anything else?


In both of these lives, the world and his uncle decided that they were ‘humbugs’ and they spent their time trying to help others with healing via changing of minds. In the end, we are left with a legacy of non-conformist thinking. The truth will out!


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