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What? The Second Coming of Christ?!

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I know this seems a bit of a stretch, but I suspect that the idea of a God Account on Facebook in the hit TV show¬†God Friended Me may have been inspired by this Twitter account. Over the years, I’ve … Continue reading

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Just Remember:

God’s got this!

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A Meddlesome Priest on PBS

Father Brown I never thought I’d be writing about this show, which comes on twice weekly on the PBS. But last night episode (S6, E5) entitled “The Face of the Enemy” had a few outstanding features about it, notwithstanding the … Continue reading

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Is Trump a Christian?

Not Reading the Apostles’ Creed They say one picture is worth a thousand words. This one says about a billion. His religion is supposedly Presbyterian, from his mother’s side. But he admits to not attending church because of his busy … Continue reading

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Update: Trinity

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Canadian Keswick Conference

Ferndale (near Port Carling), Ontario This vacation spot no longer exists. I’m not sure why. I tried finding the exact location a couple of years ago, but I believe the spot is now private property. CKC, as our Mom noted … Continue reading

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