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A Fishing Tale Depends on the Angler

The Media Slant Determines the Angle This started out as a dream about how media bias determines the stories we see every day. Then it developed into a specific instance where this might be evident: a fish story. And I … Continue reading

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The Snowman and the Star

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Lightfoot: A Winter’s Night

the snow is softly falling It is easy to forget how beautiful a song is until you unexpectedly hear it again in the middle of September. Susan and I tried out for a choir last Tuesday. The choir sings exclusively … Continue reading

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Seasons as Time Passages

Doctor Zhivago I’m almost finished reading this classic 20th Century novel. The overall impression I have is the use of the changing seasons to show the passage of time. The movie by David Lean more or less followed the same … Continue reading

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More Earthstars

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More Marshmallow World

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Adventures in Youth: 2

  Turning 450° Just a hundred metres north from where we were shot at in 1964 is the top of a hill on Highway 93 that has a fairly steep grade. (I can attest to the endurance it takes to … Continue reading

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