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Have You Ever Wondered Why?

Inventors Get Ideas Simultaneously Hmm.

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How the Enterprise Crew Went Back to the Past

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986) The nod to “Back to the Future” is unmistakable. Star Trek IV took a science fiction future and brought it back to the present, by focusing on an environmental issue: the possibility of … Continue reading

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After 45 Years, I’ve Come to This Conclusion:

Astrology Isn’t “Real” The planets: they impel rather than compel us. As an astrologer, I have been following the pseudoscience for 45 years. There are correspondences between what happens in the sky and how we (re)act. That’s really all it … Continue reading

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Is It Just Me or Can You Hear It, Too?

Earth Rumbling I’m sure this is nothing new, but for the past couple of nights, I been hearing this rumbling noise which sounds like the furnace is on, but isn’t that, since we’ve been having warm weather lately. I asked … Continue reading

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Is This Just a Space Farce?

A Grift in Space There’s an uncomfortable truth about American space exploration: why are they wanting to conquer the galaxy when they have no real power on earth? Oh, right, they want to find new worlds for when earth becomes … Continue reading

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When a Deeply Entrenched Routine Becomes a Rut

Stuck in the Mud When summer changed to autumn last week, I suddenly became aware that I’d managed to stay indoors for the majority of the time. In and of itself, that would barely register on my event horizon, normally, … Continue reading

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Climate Change is NOT New, Folks

Icelandic Volcano Erupts (February 1, 536 AD) This one came up as a suggested video on YouTube. There is enough vagueness in the event description to allow me some latitude in terms of date and timing. “Early 536 AD” let … Continue reading

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I Finally Followed the Clues:

This Mourning Dove is Widowed There usually is a pair of mourning doves who inhabit our environment. (This shot from early 2019 is of the female, as she watches her mate search for seeds on the deck, below) The other … Continue reading

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Unbridled Light — the-well-spring.uk

26th March 2022 In between the forces of light is a sub-stratum which joins the infinite to matter. It pursues the ways of mass into form and is picked up by the human eye, but unrecognised by many. This is … Continue reading

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Context: Is There a Magic Number for Groups?

The Rule of One Hundred and Fifty From “The Tipping Point”: Humans socialize in the largest groups of all primates because we are the only animals with brains large enough to handle the complexities of that social arrangement. [Robin] Dunbar … Continue reading

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